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How long does it take to install wifi at my property?
How long does it take to install wifi at my property?

Wifi installation times by provider.

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Installing wifi at your property depends on the provider you have chosen as well as some other factors which we will detail below.

Normally, a household can expect Virgin or Home Telecom wifi to be installed in the property within 14 working days of the order being submitted by Resooma.

(Please note that Resooma require all tenants in the household to have completed their sign up to the bills package before an order will be processed with the supplier. Where this is not possible please reach out to us on live chat and we will see what we can do to move your order along.)

Virgin Media Broadband:

  • If you property has already had a Virgin line installed, you will be posted the router to simply plug in and get online.

  • If there is not an existing line, then an engineer will need to visit the property to get your internet up and running for you. Virgin will send you updates on installation dates via text and you can keep track on your billing dashboard.

Home Telecom:

If it’s Home Telecom, this is also around 14 days and you will either be posted the router or an engineer will attend the property.

Resooma Broadband:

Resooma Broadband is a sim enabled router, posted to you 48 hours after your package is completed and everyone has joined. You'll receive updates when your router is posted, and when it is due to arrive, and when your follow-up engineer may be needed.

Your sim enabled router will be live from the point you receive it and follow the instructions in the manual, and will get you connected until you have your official broadband line connected.

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