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Why is my wifi being suspended and what can I do?
Why is my wifi being suspended and what can I do?

Here's a breakdown of what happens with wifi suspension, and what you can do to get the internet back ASAP.

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Wifi is suspended when a member of your property fails their monthly bills and enters a third time of taking the direct debit payment. The reason being for this is that the overall household total to pay or your bills will be in a deficit.

In order to get this fixed, please can you reach out to [email protected] with the subject “wifi suspended help and [your address]”. From there, the ops team will investigate this to see if your wifi has actually been suspended and liaise with you to get the payment resolved and get your wifi back up and running!

❗️Once payment has been received, the operations team inform our wifi manager that the payment has been made and so your wifi will be turned back on. It only takes a few hours once being switched back on to have your internet connection back, but please be aware it may take anywhere up to 48 hours due to human time frames. If you're unsure as to whether we've received your payment, please write back to us or visit our Live Chat at and a member of the team will assist.

In the circumstance where your wifi isn’t working but your payments are perfectly in order, please email in the same fashion so the operations team can investigate. They may send you the troubleshooting guide and contact information of your provider to get some further assistance. Alternatively, please visit this guide here on how to contact your provider for assistance!

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