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I have a connectivity issue with my Wifi and it is slow?
I have a connectivity issue with my Wifi and it is slow?

Who to call when your wifi is slower than you'd expect

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Depending on which Wifi package you have selected you will need to follow slightly different process:

⚡️We have Virgin Media Broadband:

  • Resooma sets up your Virgin Media wifi using Virgin’s business service. (This isnt a different type of wifi to residential, the reason its listed as business wifi is because you get it through Resooma, the business!)

  • As we are the ones setting up your account you will need specific details in order to communicate with them.

  • ❗️You will need to contact the provider on the details below to inspect the issue further as we do not have in house virgin team members to investigate.

For Virgin please call: 0800 052 0800

Your account number is: This can be found in your secure billing dashboard and it is marked as payment reference (14 digits).

Your account company name is: Billing Better Limited

Your email association is either: the email address of the lead tenant that set up the package or [email protected]

You may also need to quote your CM MAC number on the router for any troubleshooting queries directly involving your router.

⚡️We have Home Telecom Broadband:

Please contact Home Telecom on 01403 216133.

You will need the property address that the package is listed on.

You will also need to have your lead tenants name, DOB and email address to confirm security.
❗️ You will need to go to the provider directly to inspect connection issues as we do not have a Home Telecom in-house team.

⚡️We have Resooma Branded Wifi (new as of 25th of April 2023)

When you have Resooma Branded Wifi, please visit our Live Chat to seek further assistance or email [email protected]. If you visit our Live Chat, please go through the selections and choose Resooma Wifi to be allocated to our in-house Resooma Branded Wifi team.

❗️ This is not to be used by Virgin or Home Telecom customers as it is an entirely different product.

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