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Where is my Virgin Media wifi router?
Where is my Virgin Media wifi router?

A short guide to help you get you online

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If you have visited your Resooma dashboard and seen that your Virgin Media wifi is listed as "Setup Complete" but you're still without your router, follow this short guide so we can get you online asap:
"Setup Complete" means that Virgin Media has activated your wifi line and Yodel - Virgin's courier of choice - has tried to deliver your router.

If you weren't in to receive the router then please follow these instructions so we can get this remedied as quickly as possible:

1) Look around your front door to double-check that Yodel hasn't left you a delivery note*

*If you have a delivery note there should be options to collect the router from your local Yodel depot or request a redelivery

2) If Yodel hasn't left you a note, it's worth knocking on your neighbours doors to see if they have the router. We see a lot of routers being handed to neighbours by delivery drivers without them leaving a note to communicate this

3) If neither of these options have worked, then we can ask Virgin Media to send out another router. Due to their distribution processes, this takes approximately 2 working days from the approval of your request

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